Sunday, January 26, 2014

How to Upload E-books to Apple When You Don't Own an Appple Computer

It must be the after-NANO-books-come-to-fruition time.  It seems that lately I've had at least seven people ask me about how to upload their ebooks to Apple when they don't have a MAC computer.  My first response is always to find  friend with a MAC who will let you use it for a few minutes.  However, if that is not possible. Then, consider one of these three options.

  1. For a fee, you can rent space on Mac in Cloud and use a virtual Mac. If you’ve ever used a service like GoToMyPC or similar, this is what Mac in the Cloud is like. Once you "rent" your Mac, you can log in to your iTunes Connect account and download and install iTunes Producer in the cloud – it often is already pre-installed for you. Services start at $12 a week (3 hours a day – one day free trial), or you can buy 30 hours of prepaid time at $30. 

    Note: You want to have a good, solid Internet connection for this (not wifi that goes in and out) in order minimize your frustration.
  2. You can pay someone to upload for you. Most services that do this charge around $50 per book. One service I recommend is ebook formatting faeries
  3. You can upload to Smashwords or Draft2Digital and have them distribute to Apple for you. Both services take a percentage of every sale.

As most of you know, I'm a control-my-distribution-myself person. So, I would choose the first option if I didn't have a MAC. I would NOT go out and buy a MAC for only this purpose. You can load lots of books for the prepaid $30 (like 30+ books). Not to mention if you've used a PC all your life, the switch to MAC is not easy.
I personally don't load to a middle-man like Smashwords or Draft2Digital. However, I understand that many people like this middle-man option and don't mind paying a percentage of their sales for the convenience.

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