Tuesday, February 25, 2014

New Templates from Joel Friedlander

Most of you know I highly recommend Joel Friedlander's book design templates for creating professional quality print and ebooks in Microsoft Word.  The only difficulty has been going through the process twice to get from the print template to the ebook template.

Well, he has solved that problem now with "2-way" templates.  See his blog post about it and the 35% off offer this week.

Definitely check them out.  Being able to have your ebook look as good as your print is amazing. I know that I am going to try this on my next book release. Anything to cut down time is a good thing. He also indicates these templates are less complex.  Also a good thing for those who have struggled with too many formatting options.

Don't forget, my rule of thumb is to actually create my manuscript within the template to start. That saves a lot of time at the end, so I'm not doing cutting and pasting and reformatting from Word to the template.  If you already have a completed manuscript, then you have to do the cut/paste method.

If you try the new 2-way templates, let me know how it goes for you.  I'm always collecting information and data to share with others.