Sunday, March 9, 2014

Scrivener Does Create Good EPUB and MOBI files

When I wrote my DIY Publishing book, I documented my personal process for both print and ebook formatting, publishing, and distribution.  That process includes using Joel Friendlander's Book Design Templates for the interior design in print, and then Jutoh for the formatting of that Word File into good MOBI and EPUB files.  I will still continue to do it that way because I love the options I have for presenting my stories.  Also, my creative process involves Microsoft Word has the foundation for my writing.
However, many readers have asked me about Scrivener.  There is a large contingent of authors who absolutely love using Scrivener and have given up Microsoft Word, or other word processing programs, in favor of creating in Scrivener. Invariably, they ask my opinion of the EPUB and MOBI files that Scrivener creates. Not having used it, I had no opinion.

I still haven't used it. However, I have spoken with several authors whose technical abilities I respect. Each of them have told me the EPUB and MOBI files are excellent. They say that Scrivener is particularly easy to use for the more technically-challenged writer and they like having all their research and notes, pictures and chapters in one place that can easily be rearranged as needed.

The test for me happened when I recently helped an author upload her files to the various distribution vendors. It was my first upload of Scrivener generated EPUB and MOBI files. They validated in all venues and uploaded easily. I loaded to Apple, Kobo, B&N, and Amazon as well as for direct sales on Gumroad.

So, I admit that all of you who love Scrivener are in good hands with your file exports. I'm sure there are some configuration things you need to know for the compile to go well, and I can't help with this. However, I will look at getting a guest blogger to talk about his/her experience with Scrivener in more detail in the future. In the meantime, I found this article on how to article for exporting the various file types. Scroll below the table of contents links and start reading at the first narrative paragraph.

Thank you to the many authors who shared their love of Scrivener and provided great information on their use of its file export capabilities.

I am ALWAYS open to learning about new software and new writing processes that are helpful. Every author makes choices about where to spend their time, and when to take the time to learn something new. I'm not in a position at the moment (too many books to get out in the next few months) to learn something new. If you have things to share from your personal journey, please contact me. If it makes sense to share on this blog I'm happy to let you do a guest spot too.

I'm open to recommendations on a Scrivener guest for the future.

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