Friday, May 23, 2014

The Best Indie PR Help Ever!!!


Price $67 by Monday end of day, then it goes up. If you could never afford a PR person for yourself, or understand PR but don't have ready-made templates to use, this will save you hours of research and thinking.

If you are anything like me, you say the words "marketing" or "PR" with great disdain.  Not because I don't believe in them, but because it goes against everything in my brain to do it.  The whole "never brag on yourself" was deeply set in my upbringing. Yet, I know it is required in order to get my books noticed. I know that my books are product and I am a brand.

I've done lots of marketing (Twitter, G+, Facebook, Pinterest, Blogs, blog tours for books, Goodreads, giveaways online and in person, readings, book signings, etc.). But Public Relations (PR) is different. It's more about letting people know you exist and who you are as a brand rather than selling.  And I admit, I have little understanding of it.  So, when Joel Friedlander and Joan Stewart offered a free one hour webinar I jumped on the chance to attend.

Though the webinar was interesting, it wasn't amazing. Because I've worked with a couple of friends who majored in public relations I knew, intellectually, a lot of the points Joan made. But understanding the points and implementing the points in actual copy is a completely different thing.

Enter Joel and Joan with an offer no smart person can turn down. They put together a "media kit package" that has Word templates for every type of PR you would want to do AND the 60 page guide that goes along with the templates is a reminder of what the webinar covered. More than that, it has completed examples of each of the media kit template types. Then you get some extra goodies too if you do this early ordering by Monday.

These templates are not only the usual variety of bios and headshots, but also press release templates, sell sheets to take to signings or sent to national events, and story ideas to get journalists to pick you up. This package through Monday, Memorial Day, also gets you bonus materials. The most useful one to me is the bonus stuff on How to Write Good Headlines. Headlines make a difference not only in building your media kit but in everything you do: blog posts, pitches, sell sheets etc.

Right now the cost for this kit is $67 through Memorial Day (this Monday). After that it goes up to $97 without the bonus material. Of course I  downloaded the kit for the $67. That's less than one hour of a good PR persons time. Are you kidding me?

Honestly, when I started opening the files I was flabbergasted. It is truly individual formatted templates for what to write, what size images (including exact pixel sizes) should be included in what types of PR, and all in a nicely formatted Word template with instructions. I plan to be working on mine, in between writing jags and getting EXPENDABLE out. Then I will post my media kit on my personal website. At some point I will also work on one for Windtree Press. Anytime someone can make my life easier I am a very happy gal. Thank you Joel, Tracy, and Joan!

Bottomline, I highly recommend you take advantage of this yourself at the current pricing. I don't see media kits on most people's websites and I think it can make a difference. Even if you don't put it on your website, you want to have it ready to send out whenever you do a book release or just want to remind the media that you still exist. The sale only lasts until Monday. Then the price goes up at least $30 and you don't get the bonus materials.

The media kit package comes in a zip file. When you unzip there is the guide (the webinar in narrative form with sample completed forms) and 12 other files--each it's own template--plus links to two additional webinars where you can download the slides and the handouts--like the headline tips one. It's rare I highly recommend that people buy something and I know that $67 is a good chunk of money, but I truly believe it is worth it. It's like having a PR coach telling you how to do all this stuff.

Unless you already have a media kit and know it works for you, you should fork over the money for this. I suspect you will regret it if you don't. No I'm not sharing mine. They already let each person use it for as many books as they want for themselves. To share it with my friends and colleagues would be like pirating a book and putting it up on one of those pirate sites.

Buy it now! Feel free to thank me later. :)

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