Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The Global E-Book Report for 2014 is Now Available

The Global Report for April 2014 is out!  For those who have that analytic addiction like I do, I always look forward to this report released at the London Book Fair every year. The broader statistics combine both non-fiction and fiction, so keep that in mind if you are scanning. Non-fiction is a much larger piece of the pie around the world--but particularly in places like China, India, and Russia. This comprehensive report takes information for many sources. Reading it is as much a study in politics, culture, and global money flow as it is in specific ebook data. I personally find it fascinating.

You can get the 180 page report FREE until May 9th at http://www.global-ebook.com/ After that the charge is 9.99 pounds sterling (about $17). What I like about it is that it evaluates markets around the world, and compares them and talks about changes.

I know that those of us in the U.S. often forget there are other markets, but it is important to understand the global nature of publishing now and to make sure your business plan takes that into account. I've always believed in distributing widely. Even if you don't see a lot of revenue (or no revenue) right now, I believe you will see it growing significantly over the next few years.

For example, in my most recent Amazon payment, the money gained from International sales (combined) was more than the money gained from U.S. sales. In 2013 I would occasionally see $10 here and $10 there from sales outside the U.S.  However, this year each month I've seen it slowly rising. My Kobo and Apple sales have always included international sales (though primarily in Canada and Europe) and I anticipate these to increase as well. Where the U.S. ebook market is now settled into a more normalized growth pattern (2-3% per year), other countries are just beginning their e-book growth pattern which can mean increases of 10% or more in overall revenue each year.

The book covers changes, trends, device usage, self-publishing versus traditional publishing revenues, and product evolution. The best part is that it analyzes individual country markets which certainly lead me to rethink some of my pricing and marketing strategies for certain markets.

I really advise picking it up. It's free for the next four days and and it doesn't hurt to have a PDF sitting in your market analysis folder for review when you are feeling particularly analytical.

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