Tuesday, July 22, 2014

iTunes Producer Revisited

Since I published my book on DIY Publishing, iTunes Producer was upgraded to a 3.0 version. This happened in February.  As usual,  I never download the most recent version until it has gone through a few months of bug fixes.

I downloaded it a week ago to help a friend get her book up on Apple and BOY IS IT SLICK!  They really improved the interface and it is actually intuitive now!

Rather than reinvent the wheel on instructions, let me refer you to this great video the Book Creator did. It really is as easy as the video shows.


I highly recommend downloading this new version, it is so much easier to use.  One caveat. You must be running Mac OS X.8 or higher.

How to Upload a REVISED Book File to Replace a File Already On Sale

While we are talking about iTunes Producer, I'd like to answer a question I got today from an author.  It reminded me that I didn't tell anyone how to upload a revised book. It is obvious in all platforms EXCEPT Apple.

The author had uploaded her book to Apple previously and it had been for sale. Since that time, she has made some revisions and wanted to upload the new version to replace the old version. This is not something that is well documented. When she tried to get support from Apple the tech person told her to download iAuthor. Um...no. Completely different program and not one I recommend using. No need to do that.

So, here are the steps.

  1. Open iTunes Producer
  2. Open your ORIGINAL book file (just like you would if you hadn't already completed it)
  3. Go through the steps to make sure all the metadata is still what you want.
  4. In the Assets section, select your new revised files to upload. This is how the old files get replaced.
  5. Complete the other steps, pricing and rights. 
  6. Click DELIVER.

Your new revised book is now at Apple being processed and will replace the previous version.

NOTE: Because it has to go through processing again, you may see that your book is taken off sale until it is processed.

Happy Uploading!

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