Thursday, April 16, 2015

IndieRecon Day 2

It's Day 2 of IndieRecon - the free conference for self-publishers featuring all things Indie. Being on the West Coast of the U.S. and 8 hours behind London and 3 hours behind the east coast, I'm doing a lot of catching up on the early morning sessions (midnight, 3am, etc.) and then jumping in on the one's that are Google Hangouts later in the day.  The best part is that everything is recorded--whether in advance or saved to YouTube after the Google Hangout. So you can still go and listen if you are interested. Lots and lots of interesting sessions. Below are the ones that wowed me today.

Getting Orders and Pre-selling Before You Publish - Amanda Barbara
On the surface this presentation was about crowdfunding, but not in the usual Kickstarter, Indiegogo, or even Patreon type way. More important, Pubslush is just for books or other literary pursuits--so the platform concentrates on that and draws the reader/writer audience for that. Charge is 4% of total earned. Pubslush accepts all types of literary-based projects, including books, magazines, screenplays, apps, educational, and philanthropic projects.

In reviewing the site what I saw is that non-fiction projects tended receive a lot more support than fiction projects. I suspect that is because non-fiction books also cost more and narrative non-fiction has a much larger audience. People love the "true" story or the real person overcomes adversity book. I'm considering it for fiction, just need to think about the project and what I would offer and what I need.

Creating Soundtracks on Booktrack - Jason Hovey
Booktrack is a company pioneering the use of music and sounds to enhance the reading experience. This is not a video or a trailer or an audiobook. It is a method for providing sounds specifically related to exactly where the reader is reading to enhance the experience.

Now I admit that for me, personally, reading in silence is preferable. I want my imagination to fill in all the sounds.  However, that is not true of many younger people I know.  I know writers who write with music that inspires them. I know youth who want that "movie" experience while they read--not necessarily video but the sounds of a river, or waves crashing, or guns shooting. The point is that as indie authors we can provide both experiences and meet both audience needs.

Check out the recording of the session. After listening to Jason, I signed up to try it out. It looks easy--though definitely would take some time to do an entire novel. They are monetizing the platform at the end of the month which means authors can sell their enhanced books on the Booktrack site, on Booktrack apps, and provide excerpts on their own websites and other social media.

Definitely interesting. Definitely something that is disruptive technology. Definitely something to watch.  I'm considering serializing the Chameleon series by combining an audiobook with booktrack sounds. I think YA readers are more likely to appreciate this. What do you think?

What's Your Message - Yen Ooi  This presentation asks you to look at your message and determine whether it is memorable, relevant, effective for each platform and audience. This is a quick 13 minute recorded presentation that is clear and gets you to think about your own messages--whether they be for your book, platform, or brand.

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