Thursday, August 13, 2015

The Importance of Lifelong Learning

You've probably heard universities talk about lifelong learning, but did you know that making a commitment to continue learning is important in every career--including writing? The publishing landscape is changing every year now. Part of that is because of technology advancements. Part of it is the continued impact of digital reading. And part of it is what it has always been, the changing desires of the reader. That means not only how they read (print or ebook, library or subscription), but also what they like to read.

Last weekend I participated in a free open house at All Writer Workshops with five other instructors around a variety of topics relating to authors. Some of them were on craft--how to write better. Some of them were on story structure and editing. Yet others were on technology and the business of writing.

Over the next few weeks I am going to share some of my "lectures" from that Open House on this blog, as well as responses to some of the questions students asked. My segment was 5 Secrets Every Indie Author Should Know.  You might think, "Oh, that's just a bulleted list." And it can be a simple bulleted list. However, the execution of that list is complex and that is where the Q&A gets interesting. I hope you will check into the blog regularly to see what was covered.

If you want some one-on-one mentoring to get your career off to the right start, I am offering all of my classes online now too. That allows you to participate on your own time schedule each day. The entire schedule through 2016 is now available. We've tried very hard to keep the costs reasonable. All workshops are either one week or two weeks. And you have 20 days after the end of the course to still access materials and benefit from discussions.

Workshop Schedule

My current schedule is below. Class sizes are limited so that I can provide feedback to every student. Workshops include written step-by-step handouts, screenshots, cheat sheets and tips as applicable. Sign up soon so you don’t miss out.

  2015 2016
Course/Series Start Date End Date Start Date End Date
Indie Book Distribution Series

   Distribution Demystified $35 Aug 16 Aug 22 May 1 May 7
   Ebook Distribution Secrets $85 Sept 6 Sept 19 May 8 May 21
   Print Distribution Secrets $50 Sept 27 Oct 3 June 5 June 11

Indie Book Formatting Series

   Understanding Microsoft Word
Styles $35

Mar 13 Mar 19
   Formatting Ebooks $50
Mar 20 Mar 26
   Formatting Print Books $50
Apr 10 Apr 16

Online Author Marketing Series

   Effective Online Author
Marketing $35
Oct 4 Oct 10 July 31 Aug 6
   Mailchimp – Your Marketing BFF $50 Oct 11 Oct 17 Aug 7 Aug 13
   Become a Social Network Expert $85 Nov 8 Nov 21 Aug 21 Sept 4

Business Planning for Career

   What Career Do You Want? $35
Jan 10 Jan 23
   Licenses, DBA, LLC, Corps
Oh My $35

Jan 24 Jan 30
   Title Development Planning $70
Jan 31 Feb 13
   Career and Title Evaluation $50
Feb 21 Feb 28
   Planning for Success and Failure $35
Feb 28 March 5

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