Friday, April 15, 2016

New Books, New Online Courses for Indie Authors

It's been far too long since I posted here. I've been going through some major re-organization of my career and business opportunities and it has taken all of my attention. I've shut down a couple of subsidiary businesses I was involved in and found places to send my clients from those businesses.

I've hired a wonderful virtual assistant (VA) who is helping to keep me on task and on top of my social media and branding platforms.  Something that happens with growth is more books to load and maintain, more distribution platforms to evaluate and take advantage of, and more marketing in different ways to keep my cross-platform production with the right readers. After feeling rather overwhelmed by it all, I finally went searching for a VA. It has been a life saver!

I've also been working hard on creating a new Indie Author book series for all my readers. This new series, Career Author Secrets, takes many of the concepts from my DIY Publishing book and updates them and expands on them. In fact, there is so much expansion that it's become four books instead of one. I figured that revising DIY Publishing would end up to be a thousand page tome that no one would read. :)

The first book, Secrets Every Author Should Know: Indie Publishing Basics, will be out next week. The other three will be releasing about two weeks apart. Watch for special deals for people on my mailing list, as well as giveaways announced in Facebook, Twitter, and here. I'm excited.

I'm also very involved in teach a series of Indie Author Online Workshops through All Writer Workshops.  If you have a need for some hand-holding or mentoring, check it out and see which courses meet your needs. These are online with hand-outs, cheat sheets, discussions, troubleshooting. You can come in and out of the workshops as your time allows. In addition, each paid workshop also includes at least one LIVE webconference demonstration and coaching session. Some of the longer workshops have two LIVE sessions.

With all these good things happening, I'm hoping to be posting more regularly and sharing things from my books and my teaching. Of course, if there is a topic you would love to see a post on, let me know. I love responding to readers.


  1. Looks fantastic. As always, you are leading the way, Maggie.

  2. Thanks, Jamie! I keep trying to keep people up-to-date. It all moves so fast that we need to share with each other as much as we can.